Rape or Sexual Battery is defined as sexual intercourse without consent. There are enhanced penalties depending on the age of the victim as well as the elimination of the element of consent. In Florida, sex crimes include a variety of crimes relating to sexual touching of both adults and children including forced oral or anal contact – forced sodomy or deviate sexual intercourse, sexual abuse and forced sexual touching with a foreign object. All of these are very serious crimes. Punishment varies based on many factors such as how long the contact takes place, the age of the victim, the degree of injury cause and the circumstances of the crime.

False accusations of sexual battery can be common, particularly in the context of domestic disputes. A false accusation of sexual battery can be devastating: if you or a loved one have been accused of sexual abuse or forced touching, it is essential to contact your Fort Lauderdale sex crimes lawyers, Johansson Law, at 954-745-7517 right away. These cases require immediate attention and delicate handling of the host of emotions. Johansson Law, sex crimes lawyers based out of Fort Lauderdale have extensive experience handling just these issues. Call for a free and confidential consultation to learn how we would handle your defense to win the exceptional result for you. Our Attorneys work directly with law enforcement officers to prevent the filing of charges against our clients. We can do the same for you.

Internet Sex Crimes

The Internet is the latest frontier for law enforcement. Most internet sex crimes involve minors: downloading or uploading child pornography, using the internet to arrange for sexual contacts with people under the age of consent, or providing “obscene” material to children via email. Needless to say, on the anonymous internet, the alleged predators have no intention of seeking underage partners. The interactions are often misleading and far from certain about who will be there.

Child Pornography

The First Amendment does not protect child pornography. Possessing, producing, or trafficking in images of actual children engaged in sexual activity is a crime under both state and federal law, often resulting is substantial prison time. A forensic defense of the computer issues is imperative. A criminal defense lawyer who is also knowledgeable of computer forensics and cybercrime issues is imperative. Simple issues like who was operating the computer at the time of transmission are often quite hard to prove. To remedy this, the government uses rather harsh tactics to elicit a confession. Invoke your privilege against self incrimination. Better yet, hire Johansson Law and invoke your Right to Counsel. Our Attorneys can deal with the government and its agents for you so you can avoid their harsh interrogation tactics. First time offenders can be shocked by how harsh federal penalties for child pornography offenses are: prison time is the norm, even in cases of simple possession. As mentioned in the section of previous win and proven results, Attorney Johansson has forensically proven the Defendant’s version of events. In one case, a witness admitted that the child pornography was his and not Omar’s client. In yet another, Omar forensically proved that the minors depicted were the age of majority and not minors. The federal government dismissed the 10 year minimum mandatory charges on the eve of trial. Hire Johansson Law immediately so we can start defending your case immediately. Hire our attorneys immediately so we can deal with the government agents who are trying to imprison you.

Human / People Trafficking

Increasingly, immigration violations are being treated as sex crimes. Many of the situations encountered, however, are more ambiguous, with people who help immigrants (often for a fee) finding themselves accused of engaging in a sexual slave trade. There may be incentives for victims of trafficking or domestic violence to falsely accuse others in order to obtain immigration benefits. If you have been accused of any sort of people trafficking crime, you should contact a competent attorney at once. Call Johansson Law at 954-745-7517 immediately for a confidential and free consultation.

Federal Sex Crimes

Certain sex offenses are investigated by the FBI or other agencies and prosecuted in federal court. If you are charged with a Federal sex offense, it is important to compare attorneys and obtain representation by someone with Federal court experience. Omar Johansson has represented over 500 Federal defendants and is a member of the United States Supreme Court Bar, Federal Bar, and the Florida and Texas Supreme Court Bars. With experience as a Former Assistant Federal Public Defender, he has the knowledge that can lead to a successful outcome. Johansson Law is a member of the United States Southern District of Florida and the Eleventh Circuit United States Court of Appeals.  Call our attorneys today at 954-745-7517 for a free consultation. It will always be personal and confidential.

Prostitution, Conspiracy & RICO

Both prostitution – i.e. engaging or agreeing to engage in sexual conduct with another person for a fee, and patronizing a prostitute are crimes. People working at (or patronizing) escort services and even some clubs may find they are accused of prostitution. Exactly what conduct crosses the line and becomes illegal can be a complicated legal question. Since escort services and clubs are businesses, owners and managers can be accused of promoting prostitution or even conspiracy or racketeering (RICO). If you have been accused of prostitution, patronizing a prostitute, or promoting prostitution, you should contact a competent attorney immediately.

State Charges

Johansson Law are here for you as the top researcher and investigator.  Johansson Law has had favorable results at the State Court level with child pornography and many lewd and lascivious type crimes.  Within a very conservative jurisdiction in Northern Florida, Johansson Law succeeded in having nearly thousands of child pornography photos and videos grouped into single charges.  Johansson Law client could have been sentenced individually for each and every photo bringing the client to nearly 5 years PER PHOTO.  Johansson Law succeeded in persuading the government to group these photos together and despite strict case precedent, the government sentenced the client to under 4 years prison.  The client was released in 3.5 years, and NOT 300-500+ years!

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