The First Amendment does not protect child pornography. Possessing, producing, or trafficking in images of actual children engaged in sexual activity is a crime under both state and federal law, often resulting is substantial prison time. A forensic defense of the computer issues is imperative. A criminal defense lawyer who is also knowledgeable of computer forensics and cybercrime issues is imperative. Simple issues like who was operating the computer at the time of transmission are often quite hard to prove. To remedy this, the government uses rather harsh tactics to elicit a confession. Invoke your privilege against self incrimination. Better yet, hire Omar Johansson and invoke your Right to Counsel. Omar can deal with the government and its agents for you so you can avoid their harsh interrogation tactics.

First time offenders can be shocked by how harsh federal penalties for child pornography offenses are: prison time is the norm, even in cases of simple possession. As mentioned in the section of previous win and proven results, Omar Johansson has forensically proven the Defendant’s version of events. In one case, a witness admitted that the child pornography was his and not Omar’s client. In yet another, Omar forensically proved that the minors depicted were the age of majority and not minors. The federal government dismissed the 10 year minimum mandatory charges on the eve of trial. Hire Omar immediately so he can start defending your case immediately. Hire Omar immediately so he can deal with the government agents for you.

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