Omar Johansson has developed a speciality defending sex crime cases. His knowledge of the internet and computers gives him the edge over other attorneys and the agents. What appears obvious usually is not on the internet. What the government wants to prove about your use of the computer on the internet is often difficult to prove—- especially if you hire Omar Johansson immediately to defend you during the investigation. On first contact with the government, invoke your right to Silence and your right to Counsel—- by calling Omar Johansson immediately at 954-745-7517. The government is not meeting with you to hear your side of the story—- they are visiting you to confirm their case against you with your unknowing confession. Omar Johansson is available on short notice throughout the country to defend your case. Omar Johansson has the forensic experience with computers and the internet to prove your unknowing involvement or lack of involvement altogether. Don’t hesitate. Call immediately at 954-745-7517.

Omar Johansson proved an Illinois man did not posses child pornography after forensically examining his computer and the internet sites. The sites each registered that the actors depicted were over the age of 18 years at the time the photographs and videos were created. Did the federal government complete this analysis on their own? No. The agents immediately arrested Omar’s client and seized his client’s computers. On the eve of trial, the federal government dismissed the charges against Omar’s client who had previously been convicted of possession of child pornography. Thus Omar Johansson won a dismissal for a previously convicted sex offender. In a similar case in Texas, Omar Johansson won reduced charges for a father accused of trafficking in child pornography on the child pornography exchange site. After forensically proving another person in the house used the computer, the government reduced the charges because Omar’s client only knew about another doing it rather than doing it himself. Each case is different but inevitably there are issues and defenses to every case. Call Omar Johansson at 954-745-7517 immediately for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.