Criminal defense attorney Omar Johansson has specialized in the defense of persons accused of state and federal white collar crime, including all types of fraud for over 20 years. He has prosecuted and defended over 1000 cases.

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Financial Fraud

Financial fraud encompasses several types of “White Collar” crimes. Individuals and organizations often commit financial fraud crimes for personal or business gain. Tracing the money often explains the gains but the defendant’s version of events is often overlooked. You can rely on Johansson Law to investigate and present your version of events to explain your side of the story — often lacking any such intent to defraud anyone. Fraud in connection with an otherwise legitimately-operated mutual or hedge fund, including, for example, late trading, certain market timing schemes, valuations of net asset values, and other trading practices.

Check Fraud

Check fraud is the forgery, alteration, counterfeiting, or knowing issuance of a check on an account that has been closed or has insufficient funds to cover the amount for which the check was written.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is committed by any person who, for the purpose of obtaining anything of value with intent to defraud, uses a credit card that has been revoked, cancelled, reported lost, or stolen. Counterfeiting credit cards, using lost or stolen cards, and fraudulently acquiring credit cards through the mail are all common types of credit card fraud. As with most white collar crimes, credit card fraud an be a complex legal issue. Experienced legal representation can benefit an accused person in many ways, especially if involved early on in the process. In addition to representing the accused in court, the right defense attorney may be able to negotiate lesser charges, or perhaps even prevent criminal charges from ever being filed. If you know or believe that you are being investigated for credit card fraud, protect your rights with skilled legal representation.

Disaster Fraud

Disaster fraud is defined as an activity with the purpose to defraud individuals or the government after a natural or man-made catastrophe. Some common examples include disaster fraud victims who are persuaded to claim more damages than actually occurred or adjusters who mistakenly value something incorrectly. Again the charges look simple but the defenses are complex yet available if handled by a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is making an insurance claim or increasing the amount of a claim by deceiving or misrepresenting the nature of the loss. It is a form of theft by deception. Again the interpretations are often very subjective. These cases are readily defensible.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is the illegal practice of filtering dirty money, or ill-gotten gains, through a series of transactions until the funds are clean, or appear to be proceeds from legal activities. This is often done unknowingly which is not a crime.

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud is any manipulation or deception that affects the purchase or sale of a security and usually includes the misrepresentation or omission of material information. The two primary laws that govern the securities industry and serve to protect investors are the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing fraud is a term that refers generally to any scheme to “deprive victims dishonestly of money or property or to misrepresent the values of goods or services.” Again these factors are subjective and readily defensible. Call our firm at 954-745-7517 to discuss your defenses.

Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy fraud constitutes the concealing and misstatement of assets during bankruptcy proceedings. Individuals and corporations can be investigated and prosecuted under bankruptcy fraud statutes.

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