Computers and the Internet can be used in a variety of roles in crimes. Computer software programs and Internet capabilities can be manipulated to conduct a wide variety of criminal or fraudulent activity. Another form of computer crime targets the content of computer operating systems, programs, email or computer networks. Cybercrime and computer crimes are a subcategory of white collar crime that deserves special attention. Internet crimes lawyer Fort Lauderdale, Omar Johansson won an acquittal for a client accused of using the internet to sell stolen items. Knowledge of computers and the internet was key to understanding the charges but even more importantly to defending them. Omar won!

Whatever the situation, a rapid and knowledgeable response is often the key to a favorable resolution. Our strategy is to move fast and to fight relentlessly for your civil rights and criminal defense. Contact FT. Lauderdale Internet crimes attorney Omar Johansson and Associates at 954-745-7517 for a free confidential consultation.

“Thank goodness for Omar. Many law firms just don’t understand the constantly evolving technology and internet laws. With his trial experience, technological savvy and his strategic thinking, he left no stone unturned to fight for my rights and win my case!”
-Alternative Lifestyle Internet Marketing Company CEO

Omar Johansson & Associates is experienced in defending people charged with Internet crimes such as fraud, hacking, identity theft, and pornography. Many Internet crimes, like other white collar crimes, are felonies and carry mandatory minimum sentences. A mandatory minimum sentence means the judge would be required to send you to prison for a specified period of time with no possibility of probation or early parole. A conviction for an Internet crime would also make it hard for you to get a job after you get out of prison. Few employers would consider hiring someone with a conviction for fraud, identity theft or corporate computer intrusion. To preserve your freedom and future, contact Omar Johansson at 954-745-7517.

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