Whenever an alleged crime occurs within a family unit, the government often charges the cases as domestic violence.  Many times, the police do not care if the family members are asking for someone not to get arrested.  Police will arrest someone and allow the case to work itself out in court.  Hire an experienced attorney who knows how to do this!

Special rules applies to domestic violence cases, particularly ones that increase the punishment and have continuing effects well afterwards – like no-contact orders (forcing you to find a new home while these cases are pending), restraining orders, child time-sharing issues, and more.  When handled properly and firmly, these cases are often winnable because of proof issues for the government.  Allow us to expose the government’s flaws.

Johansson Law are one of the leading South Florida Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Lawyers.  We each have individual and joint experience dealing with these cases.  It is imperative to handle these cases promptly and carefully.  We have experience dealing with and interviewing victims of domestic violence.

These cases must be handled very quickly because of the associated high stakes such as high prison sentences, exaggerating victims represented by counsel, immigration connections and deportation from the United States.  Specifically, Johansson Law has years of experience in both county misdemeanor and circuit felony courtrooms.  Johansson Law has played many roles within the courtrooms.  Johansson Law knows the judges and the various prosecutors and she has had incredible results with her domestic violence cases.  Her successes include, but are not limited to,  numerous acquittals and hundreds of dismissals with various complex fact patterns.  With Johansson Law results, she has avoided deportation from the United States for her clients or on the other end of the spectrum, Johansson Law has worked with international government consulates helping her clients return to their home countries on various continents.

Don’t rely on the government to do the right thing at the request of the victim-family member. The State represents the people and not the victim. The victim’s wishes are often ignored or on the other hand, with new Florida laws, sometimes paid too much attention to if you are dealing with an inexperienced prosecutor. Call Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Lawyer today at 954-745-7517 to defend your family and your case.  or email us for your confidential consultation.