Searching for an attorney to fight for your legal issue is a difficult choice to make.  You need an attorney who is willing to investigate the true facts of your case.  An experienced attorney.  A true trial lawyer who tries cases to verdict.  At Johansson Law we are zealous, passionate, and knowledgeable attorneys.  We know the law and will apply your true facts.  This is what will drive the results you seek.

We are a small but mighty firm.  What we are best known for is never giving up.  In court, we maintain a respected level of professional aggression.  Out of court, we are friendly people who treat our clients like family.  We specialize in criminal defense litigation and appeals at the state and federal level, family law litigation and appeals, and a wide array of other legal fields on a case-by-case basis.

Other legal fields that we specialize in include maritime law, cannabis industry law, personal injury, and more.  Specifically, regarding maritime law, senior partner Omar Johansson, is highly qualified because of his unique background serving as a United States Naval Officer along with his current title as CEO and Chief Engineer at Limitless Yacht Engineering and Limitless Environmental.  These engineering firms specialize in AVAST sterilization systems, PVE pneumatic vacuum elevators, sales and assembly, as well as vessel support at marinas and various locations.  The success of these ventures are due to Omar Johansson’s visualizations, his persistence – Never Give Up.

Each attorney and support staff member possess a high work ethic centered on high quality service, client satisfaction and total confidentiality.

Remember, neither the government’s, your soon-to-be ex’s, or any opponent’s version of events will be in your favor.  That is why you will have us to litigate your story.  we are zealous, passionate, and knowledgeable. Call or stop in today for a consultation to meet aggressive attorneys who will fight for you like family.


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