Rights for out-of-state parents refers to the legal right of timesharing or visitation schedules a parent may have over their child that lives in another State. As a parent living outside the state your child resides, you need a time-sharing schedule to adhere to a long distance which will allow you see your child on a frequent basis which typically may be during holidays, school breaks and summer vacations.

If you need a modification plan that will allow you to have quality timesharing or child visitation plan with your child, you need the services of a qualified attorney. The Law Firm of Johansson Law has the needed experience in organizing and presenting a parenting schedule in relation to out-of-state parents to court. We may represent you in the following way; if you wish to prevent your spouse from moving out-of-state with your child if you need to modify timesharing due to some circumstances such as work, health, and much more.