Paternity is the equal right a father has over their child with the child’s mother. This right may be achieved in the State of Florida if after marrying the man, the wife gives birth to the child or if the man files a Paternity action in court if he is not married to the woman at the time she gives birth. Filing a Paternity is the first step to a man getting time-sharing rights; however, establishing Paternity by the man may be disputed if the woman does not agree with it.

Meanwhile, not only a man can file a Paternity action in the State of Florida; for example, a pregnant woman, an unmarried woman with a child, or even a child who desires to know who his or her father is can also petition for this action.

To get your Father’s Right or establish Paternity in the State of Florida, you need to first speak with a qualified attorney. The Law Office of Joahnsson Law charges an economical cost on Paternity consultation for fathers who want to do it right by establishing Paternity. By speaking to us, we will inform parties of their legal rights and your choices before court orders are sought.