Adoption is a legal process or action completed through the court which involves getting an adoptee (a child or on less frequent occasions- an adult) to become a legal member of a particular family. This family is not the family of his or her biological parents. Within the State of Florida, the Adoption process requires some challenging factors to be followed, especially because it is critical that the adoptee is placed in a healthy and stable family unit.

A single adult may adopt and married couples may as well. Problems may arise when a married individual wants to adopt without the consent of the spouse, and may only do so if the spouse is the parent of the adoptee or if the court excuses this requirement per the best interest of the child. LBGT singles are permitted to partake in adoptive parenting; however, same-sex couples are still unable to petition for Adoption. There are different complicated stages accompanied by early portions of a child’s life depending on the circumstances of the biological parents. There is much paperwork which may be overwhelming, along with numerous interviews and visitations by social workers whose goal is to ensure that the adoptive parent(s) meet the necessary standards set-out to adopt a child.

With a qualified attorney helping you through the documents, interviews, and visitations, along with educating you regarding the process, the likely challenges and stress will be minimized.