If a couple has a child, the couple have some rights as the parents of the child. These rights include but are not limited to the ability of the parents to decide on what is in the best interest for the child in terms of welfare, the right to be with the child, and the right of access to the child. Both the legal mother of the child and the legal father have the authority to exercise these rights.

Although these rights have been established naturally, a court may interfere and limit or regulate these rights. A court may also permanently terminate Parental Rights based on some factors which include but not are limited to a written surrender by the parent, for example, a parent who lists their child for adoption, or egregious conduct such as abuse, abandonment or neglect of the child by the parent. Other issues may also arise for example during the long-term incarceration of a parent which is where the Law Office of Johansson Law are double skilled with criminal lawyering as well. As listed in Florida Statute 39.802, Parental Rights may be terminated after a guardian ad litem or any person has knowledge of the facts alleged or is informed of them and believes that they are true may file a petition in the court for termination of parental rights.

If your Parental Rights are being threatened of termination, have been terminated and you wish for it to be undone, or even if you are trying to terminate another parents rights we are the lawyers you need to contact. Trying to undo Parental Rights which have been terminated are difficult, there still may be a chance if you hire a qualified attorney. We will follow the right procedure and place the right facts to the court during your hearings.