When a financial payment is paid to a parent by another parent to support their child or children after a separation or divorce, it is known as ”Child Support”. Florida Statute 61.13 has it that the payment of Child Support is intended only for the upkeep and wellness of the child and is not meant for the personal benefits of the parent that receives it or any sort of punishment. Except as agreed otherwise by both parents, typically payments continue and stop until the child reaches the age of majority which is 18 years old. If the payment is found to be used for things other than for the well being of the child, the paying parent may raise the issue in a courtroom of reducing the amount paid or who the child stays with.

If you are the parent that seeks Child Support or if you need to challenge or modify the child support you are currently paying, the Law Firm of Johansson Law will actively represent you in court and raise claims that justify the amount that is due. If, on the other hand, you are the paying parent, we will ensure you pay the appropriate amount according to the best needs of the child by actively and aggressively represent you.