Divorce Representation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

These days, the uncontested or collaborative divorce is the most preferred way by which couples divorce or dissolute marriages in the State of Florida. This is a form of divorce where both spouses agree on all the terms and conditions involved in the termination of the marriage. For one, having the uncontested or collaborative divorce is certainly less expensive because it is easier and less time consuming when parties are receptive and willing to compromise. Also, for the most part, court appearances are much less required. It is a good idea that each individual need an attorney present to ensure the protection of their legal rights; however, it is possible to represent a couple as a whole in certain circumstances. However important to note, a divorce can only be uncontested or collaborative if the children are over 18 years of age, one of the spouses, at least, has lived in Florida for more than 6 months, both spouses have no problem on the payment of alimony and the sharing of property, the wife is not pregnant, and they both reasonably agree to dissolute the marriage.

With our experience as a law firm, allowing us to represent you during an uncontested divorce is the best option as we will ensure your legal rights are protected and help you determine which condition is best for you and guide you through all necessary paperwork for a carefree and smooth transition – of course at a flat cost.