Back when in the State of Florida, couples used Prenuptial Agreements as a contract between spouses to establish how some specific financial issues such as property sharing and alimony are to be shared in the possible event of a divorce. This agreement can also be called a prenup, premarital agreement, and antenuptial agreement is more than what a wealthy spouse uses to protect his or her property after a divorce these days- it is now used by lovers to protect their future financially and has since become critical to protect one’s interests throughout marriages.

As listed in the Florida Statute 61.079, aside from the reasons for signing a Prenuptial Agreement above, most people may want to sign Pre-nuptial Agreement when they want to protect the inheritance of the children they had in a previous marriage, when they have an existing business interests before meeting the new spouse and would like to keep those interests separate in case the marriage dissolves, and an abundance of other reasons.

To safeguard yourself from extended court fights, you need an experienced attorney to help you draft your Prenuptial Agreement, so it also matches all the up-to-date requirements by the court. Drafting the Pre-nuptial agreement in the right way lessens future worries. At the Law Firm of Johansson Law, we know the step-by-step process required by the State of Florida subject to Pre-nuptial preparation and execution.