There are a couple or more reasons why people may want to change their name. For starters, someone’s first and last name are fundamental markers of their identity. While a wife may want to change her name to her maiden name after marriage dissolution, others may want to change their name after a marriage act to carry on the name of the husband. The parents of a child may want to change their child’s name due to a variety of reasons, or a child or adult may make this decision on their own. In general, anyone can legally change their name after meeting some requirements. Changing of a name is not a very lengthy process but still does required guidance. This name change may be petitioned within the petitioner’s jurisdiction, and various guidelines must be followed to comply with state and federal requirements. As listed in the Florida Statute 68.07, the petitioner who wants to change their name must submit their fingerprints, and a state and federal level two criminal background record check.

Whether you want to change your name due to a marriage dissolution or you want the name changed to serve the interest of a minor or for any reason at all, the Law Firm of Johansson Law can help you with the processing as we have the experience representing clients in Name Change cases throughout Florida.