What To Expect Life is never truly perfect. We face challenges every single day. They come in all sizes and flavors. Some are related to health, others to money, relationships, politics, etc. Yet, as humans We have the most remarkable ability to adapt and find solutions for pretty much anything that comes our way.  The…

Nothing is like the stress that comes with having a pending criminal charge filed against you. This pending criminal charge may have been initiated for a variety of reasons. For example the criminal violation may stem from an encounter with law enforcement, be initiated by a prosecutor, or even after a victim provides a statement…

Employee Logan McClure said the suspect ordered a sandwich but did not want to pay for it.

Homeowner’s Attorney Speaks Out After Child Drowns in Tamarac Pool

A Louisiana fire chief’s wife is in hot water after allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her husband’s department.

A local doctor was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday for providing millions of dollars in medical services to U.S. expatriates at a clinic in Nicaragua — all fraudulently billed to the taxpayer-funded Medicare program.

A Florida man who has the Bentley logo inked across his forehead has been busted for raking in $120,000 by ripping off other people’s identities, police said.