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Life is never truly perfect. We face challenges every single day. They come in all sizes and flavors. Some are related to health, others to money, relationships, politics, etc. Yet, as humans We have the most remarkable ability to adapt and find solutions for pretty much anything that comes our way.  The problem is that, not all the time such solutions are good and we end up getting ourselves into trouble. Either, lose money,  hurt ourselves, hurt others or break the law. When these things happen, there are always consequences that can alter our life forever. And, in most cases, we are not prepared to deal with “consequences”.  Having the government of the United States accuse you of a crime is a classic example of really bad Consequences.

It really doesn’t matter how or why you may find yourself in a situation where the Federal Government of the United States is after you. Once the Feds are on you, they will never go away. They are like the planet’s force of gravity. They are unavoidable. It is  far easier to escape gravity than the US Government. Just call Ealon Musk; he’ll put you on a rocket and in less than 8 minutes, you”ll be gone.

But, seriously, if the Feds are on to you and you are interesting enough for them, they can put you in an American prison, take your properties in Colombia or other countries, take all your money from your bank accounts in Colombia or other countries, and ruin your family’s future in a very short period of time.  Believe me, it’s not like the movies where things get settled in a car chase or the cops suddenly realize that you are a nice guy and therefore they just let you go with their apologies for creating an inconvenience for you. Nope, with the Feds, things move slow. They take their time to gather information, record things, follow people, take pictures and videos. The Feds are never in a hurry. All they want is to have enough evidence such that when they get their hands on you and they take you to court in front of a judge, their case will be so solid that they will have an easy win, and they almost always win. “Working with tied down Dunkey”.

Go ahead, do a google search for the “success rate of federal prosecutions”…This is what you get; “Currently federal prosecutors tout above a 95% conviction rate. This is primarily due to the fact that most cases never make it to trial.”

That’s right. Their case’s are so tight, the evidence against “targets” is so  overwhelming, most people accused by the Feds choose to cut a plea deal and not go to trial. It is that simple.

Not only will the evidence be good for them. But the potential punishment for you will be huge.  We are talking 5, 10, 20 years  or more if you are found guilty during trial. It will effectively end your life. You will basically grow old away from your friends and family. You’ll become a voice on the phone and with time, you’ll be just a memory. Ergo, most people don’t go to trial. The odds of losing are too high. The whole system is designed to make you NOT to go to trial. The Federal agents work hard and long to convince you not to go to trial. The Federal prosecutors don’t want you to go to trail; the Federal Judges don’t want you to go to trial. Heck, most defense attorneys don’t want you to go to trial.  They charge a flat fee and  xxxx a trial. But trial reduces their hourly  rate. They too want quick plea deals and more flat fees.

Everyone involved wants you to cut a deal. In exchange, the Feds will recommend to the judge that you get the least amount of time in prison as possible. They see it as a win, win situation. You cut a plea deal so they don’t have to prepare for a trial and you get a lower sentence. And at that point….it is a win for you to.  Why? Because you will never be successful at trial. That is the sad reality.

I know, your friends who have watched lots of American movies, will tell you that you need to fight and that you will succeed. Perhaps you have local attorneys who have never worked against the American machine and they will tell you that you will be ok and that they know, somebody, who knows somebody who won a case. They may have good intentions. But at the end of the day they don’t have real experience and, most importantly, they have nothing to lose if they are wrong. But, you do. It is your life on the line.

What to do? Chances are, your family is scrambling now trying to hire an attorney and very few local attorneys have any experience dealing with the American Government. Most likely, whoever your family hires will just take their money and not give you the best results for your survival. Those attorneys don’t speak English, are not educated and/or accredited to work in the US. Neither, do they have a working relationship with prosecutors in the Federal System. Let’s not forget that it is not only “What you Know” that makes a difference. It is “Who you Know” that makes the real difference. If your attorney has already defended other people against a given prosecutor, it is far more simple to fight charges, negotiate reductions, cut deals, etc.  Bottom line,  you need an American lawyer, who has defended many, many  cases and knows how complicated the Federal legal system is. A lawyer who knows Federal prosecutors, because he was a Federal prosecutor himself.

You also want to make sure to work with a firm that has a bilingual team and that perhaps has attorneys, consultants, and investigators from Colombia.  You need an international  team that knows the legal system of both countries and that is willing to travel wherever you are to support you and give you the best legal work you deserve.  That could be the difference between spending a couple of years away or never seeing your family again.

This is not the end of your life. Be smart.  Don’t let the circumstances, or the bad advice of your friends and/or  the ignorance of local attorneys destroy your future. Have your family make a call and learn why JLo Attorneys is the firm for you. I know. I was a Federal defendant myself. I served time as a Federal inmate. But, now I’m free and able to move on with my life because of the help I received from JLo Attorneys.


Former Federal Defendant Represented by JLo Attorneys.

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