If you have been injured for what you feel is due to the negligence of an individual or business, go with what your gut tells you and call an experienced law firm right away.  How quickly you initiate litigation may have a bearing on your situation during litigation, so it is critical to act fast. 

JLo Attorneys are experienced and have the knowledge and experience to initiate and complete the necessary traction to protect your legal interests.  After listening to your side of the story, we will provide our honest assessment on whether you have a case and give you a general overview of the process and the potential for monetary damages or some other form of relief.  Then it will be up to you on whether you want to proceed.  With personal injury law, we can start off slow by effectively negotiating with the other party, or go all the way by using aggressive litigation tactics and bringing forth a civil claim in the proper court of your jurisdiction.  

We handle all cases from slip and falls, injuries upon assault and battery victims, boat, car, motorcycle and general motor vehicle and vessel accidents, products and premises liability, nursing home abuse, animal bites, and wrongful death. 

Contact us today to explore the gravity of your situation and whether it is in your best interest to proceed.


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