Besides representing defendants when the government charges them with misdemeanors and felonies for possession of drug paraphernalia or drugs, unlawful intent to sell, manufacture, deliver or traffic, import, conspire and more, JLo Attorneys also assists in legitimate business ventures.  Particularly, legitimate business ventures such as ventures within the ever-growing cannabis industry.  JLo Attorneys will assist you within this consistently changing medical marijuana environment within the great State of Florida, while keeping up to date with and mirroring other states, as well as changes within federal government.With our contracting and defense litigation experience, we are able to assist you with detailed research and preliminary assessments for your specific business plan.  We genuinely believe solidifying clear business plans are there to assist you, your partners, and employees so that you will have a fair assessment of goals and milestones.  Your goal may be to gain investors and there is no better way to accomplish this than with a concrete business plan presentation.  Either way, we will write a plan that is ready and up to par with your needs, whether the goal is “seed to sale” as may be required depending on how Florida legislation proceeds, within cultivation facilities, manufacturing operations, dispensaries, and testing or treating facilities.  Along with general business formation, we are here for you to discuss compliance needs like licensing applications, marijuana operating procedures, inventory requirements and management, all the while keeping in mind adherence to the procedures and rules of relevant government and administrative agencies.

Finally with our litigation background, as within any business, if things go unexpectedly south or in ways which you do not prefer, you need to know the actions you are entitled to.  You need to stand up for yourself and for your business.  Litigation does not always mean that you must end up in court.  Litigation can begin with negotiations and early alternative dispute resolutions for settlements.  On the other hand, if these early dispute methods do not work, the next steps include litigation within administrative hearings against Florida entities possibly over license issues or more, injunction hearings, and general civil litigation against individuals, cities or counties.  The importance of being represented during these proceedings are of course the delicate protection of your finances and against criminal prosecution.

No matter what your venture may be or the issues within your venture, do not hesitate to contact experienced attorneys today.

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