Starting a business at any point in someone’s life is a huge milestone.  When starting a business there are a lot of moving parts which may frequently feel overwhelming.  This is absolutely normal because a lot needs to be taken into consideration when starting a business such as your business plans along with individual goals, relationships between partners or shareholders, tax benefits, and management and liability concerns.

Our goal at JLo Attorneys is to listen to the goals and needs of your business, then implement legal applications to the discussion and explore various options for an ultimate result which will be in the absolute best interest for your new or already existing business model.  There are different business options that are worth seeking experienced attorneys for.  You need to figure out which entity type may be best for you and your business model.  Entity options include sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, LLCs, and others. Of course, there is more to consider because as we are sure you have guessed, each entity type has different legal and functional benefits and drawbacks.  Each benefit and drawback also has its own individual consequences depending on the situation.  To be successful, it is critical to do assessments with the present situation but also to consider the likely and not so likely possibilities in the future.

Along with business analysis and formation assistance, our firm focuses on commercial contracts and general agreements.  Commercial contracts are necessary when your business decides to enter into a contract to sell goods or perform services. Your business may choose to enter into these contracts in exchange for money or in exchange for some sort of relationship, service, or goods. Many things should be determined such as various time frames, deadlines, delivery, waivers of liability, process of disagreements, and much more.  Other times, your business may need an attorney to legally assess whether another party has breached the terms of your contract and what legal action is available to you.  No matter the need, we have the experience necessary to draft, revise, review, negotiate and litigate clause terms.  Finally, as your business grows you will surely be surprised of the importance of in place agreements, such as for your employees, shareholders, landlords, operating agreements and general membership agreements.  For employees, do not place yourself in a situation where you have not thoroughly created employee contracts, manuals, training guidelines and rules, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and more. 

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