Civil litigation involves representing individuals within non-criminal cases.  However, like with

our criminal defense practice, civil litigation practice quite often overlaps with both criminal and family law.  Within the field of civil litigation, you need an experienced attorney who has the ability to diversify their roles.  You need litigators.  JLo Attorneys has this experience.  From acting quickly and efficiently within the investigative stages, having the knowledge to jump into pleadings, discovery, pretrial motions, negotiating settlements, preparing for and going to trial, reviewing and presenting appeal positions – JLo Attorneys are here for you.  

The field of civil litigation commonly overlaps with other fields because with individuals, a wide array of issues may arise.  Even in family law for instance, issues could arise with general torts, personal injury, business disputes, breach of contract, real estate or other property issues, and much more.  Due to our experience with various complex civil litigation fact patterns, we are able to apply our knowledge to drafting prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, domestic partnerships, marital settlement agreements and more.  With our experience in criminal, when dealing with civil litigation, we have the ability to protect your interest both pre and post criminal filings.  Now, this in particular is critical!  The worst mistakes that people often find themselves in is being involved in a civil litigation then being surprised when they are faced with criminal charges from the government.  You’d be surprised how often this happens.  But do not let this happen to you.  A huge word of advice, if you are considering suing or defending yourself in a lawsuit, contact experienced attorneys to help you along the way.  Your finances could depend on it.  Or even worse, your liberty.  Contact us today to allow us to guide and fight for you.


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