With Omar F. Guerra Johansson’s experience as a United States Naval officer and as the Chief Engineer of Limitless Yacht Engineering, a full multi-service yacht company, Johansson Law are no strangers to the arising situations relating to seas, oceans, and other open bodies of water. 

Our firm is well versed with the needs of complex maritime fact patterns.  We have the experience to know how to proceed effectively both in and out of court.  What can we do for you?  We have the experience drafting documents, writing agreements, negotiating and providing strong representation in front of regulatory and administrative agencies, and litigating for our client’s best interest with cases of illnesses, injuries, and death.  Whether the issue arose during boating, yachting, or while aboard any sea vessel offshore, either on the job as a crew member or recreationally when participating in watersports, snorkeling, diving, and more, JLo Attorneys are here for you.  

Contact experienced attorneys today who are able to advise you with a comprehensive analysis of your specific issue and help you or others formulate and comply with insurance coverages and claims, ship repair needs, concession and terminal agreements, licensing, environmental compliance, international laws, treaties, trade agreements, flag states, classification and much more. 


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